Urasawa Hiroyuki Urasawa Two Rodeo Urasawa
Two Rodeo
218 N. Rodeo Dr. (Wilshire Blvd.)
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi
Hiroyuki Urasawa conveys tradition, contemplation and wonder with his kaiseki opus.
Openings: Dinner Tues.-Sat. 6 p.m.-9 p.m.


Urasawa, Beverly Hills, CA

Urasawa Restaurant Review:

A kaiseki feast at chef Hiroyuki Urasawa's exclusive restaurant is one of L.A.’s most extraordinary dining experiences. You practically have your own private chef, as Urasawa’s cypress sushi bar, sanded to a satiny finish, seats no more than eight privileged patrons. On offer is a menu of multiple courses, succeeded by a seemingly endless procession of premium sushi selections. Every meal is completely original and remarkably artistic, composed of rare, organic ingredients freshly flown in from Japan or retrieved from cold, pristine waters around the globe. The menu changes seasonally, but highlights might include tofu custard layered with uni and topped with salmon roe, sensual toro seared on a hot stone, or Japanese beef simmered shabu-shabu-style with the assistance of the gracious staff. The sushi, carefully crafted by Urasawa’s nimble hands, is more refined than at other high-profile sushi bars, where volume and speed of service often dictate matters. Assembled with warm rice and brushed with soy sauce, it is accented with a touch of yuzu, freshly ground wasabi or rare sea salt. Saké, wine, Champagne and beer are available. All of the restaurant’s accouterments are thoughtfully selected by Urasawa-san himself, from flower arrangements to ice carvings to antique tableware. The traditionally attired chef previously worked at this restaurant (formerly Ginza Sushi-ko) under the direction of sushi master Masa Takayama. The relatively youthful Urasawa lacks the imposing presence of his renowned mentor, but his cuisine is actually a bit more traditional. Although high by our standards, the prices here are a relative bargain measured against a comparable meal in Tokyo’s Ginza District.

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