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Mise en Place

Creative Tampa venue for contemporary cuisine from owner-chef Marty Blitz.
Openings: Dinner Tues.-Sat.
Mise en Place, Tampa, FL

Mise en Place Restaurant Review:

There is a consistency about this restaurant that has helped it become one of the leading innovators on the local culinary scene. The décor also has legs --- not too splashy, not too distracting. Instead, careful lighting and space are used to create a friendly environment. The menu continues to explore as owner-chef Marty Blitz has always advocated. Luncheon appetizers include "quesadilla of the moment," an ever-changing mélange, as well as "soup of the moment." That kind of spontaneity is attractive to some diners, off-putting to others. Sandwiches include the seared tuna club with apple wood-smoked bacon, avocado, Bibb lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, white cheddar and Louis sauce on brioche. Dinner appetizers can also be creative, like the banh mi-inspired L.A. Pizza with pork belly. For an entrée, consider the tandoori-spiced salmon with pistachio basmati rice, tomato masala vinaigrette, pomegranate raita, eggplant tamarind jam and curried wilted spinach. One of the freshest innovations is the short-list "Get Blitzed Tasting Menu," which features creative cuisine of the week designed as smaller courses to give guests the chance to experience a myriad of flavors paired with recommended wines.

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