A Revolution at Sea | Celebrity Cruises

By Sophie Gayot

September, 2018

Luxury at the Ocean

Have you ever wondered what the “X” stands for in Celebrity Cruises’ logo? It is the “X” in “modern luxury,” the company’s motto, which guides the contemporary design, dining experiences and service aboard its fleet of 10 ships, each welcoming between 2,559 and 3,480 guests (with the exception of the Xpedition cruising the Galapagos — nature conservation obliged). The staff, a guest-to-staff ratio of nearly 2:1, is there to satisfy your every need and create a unique experience for each and every one while at sea.

Celebrity Cruises Redesign
The Celebrity Revolution (SM) begins: Celebrity Cruises brings entire fleet to the Edge

To achieve this, Celebrity Cruises is in a constant evolution — they like to call it “The Celebrity Revolution℠.” It started over a decade ago with the “Solstice Class” ships, featuring a half acre of real grass lawn (an industry first). In 2017, they announced new ships under the label of “Edge Class.”

Celebrity continues to showcase why the brand is distinctively different and truly leading-edge,” says Scott Clifton, Director of Sales West at Celebrity Cruises. The first ship, Celebrity Edge, will sail out of the shipyard of Saint-Nazaire, France, at the beginning of November 2018. She will be followed by three more “Edge Class” ships, in spring 2020, fall 2021 and fall 2022.

But new boats means that the other ones (let’s say, the older ones) need a facelift to stay in the soon-to-be-larger Celebrity Cruises family. The Miami-based company is sparing no effort. With a budget of $500+ million, they have hired more than 500 architects, designers, and engineers to reimagine and renovate the sisters to the standards of the “Edge Class.” Leave it to these experts to rethink every detail, from the accommodations and the endless common areas to the culinary experiences.

Choose from a total of almost 300 destinations in 77 countries across the world. Whether you travel as a couple, with family members or friends, Celebrities Cruises has your vacation totally covered with the shore excursion program, the unique vacation packages and explorations, the onboard entertainment, the culinary and beverage programs and the Canyon Ranch spa partnership. And, if your budget permits it, you can upgrade to the Suite Class experience.