Dr. Laura Catena’s Book “Gold in the Vineyards”

By Sophie Gayot

The story of twelve of the world’s most famous vineyards

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Dr. Laura Catena is an accomplished woman! She is the fourth generation of an Argentinean family whose vineyards and winery, Catena Zapata in Mendoza, have changed the destiny of Malbec grapes and wine way beyond the borders of her native country. In addition to being a vintner, she is also a physician (she practices emergency medicine in San Francisco) and an author.

Organized by country and producer

I had the pleasure of sitting with Catena to discuss her second book, “Gold in the Vineyards.” The storytelling opus is fun and witty. Photos that you would expect to see — we are talking about some of the most beautiful vineyards on the planet, after all — have been replaced by illustrations. It is surprising at first, but on second thought, it makes the book more interactive and brings humor in the (very) focused wine business.

Full of facts, history, and anecdotes, “Gold in the Vineyards” is a stylish gift idea for someone or yourself, even if you are a wine amateur. Discover the book with my exclusive video interview above.