Wine Rating Guide

GAYOT Wine Rating Guide

GAYOT’s Wine Rating System Explanation

Our rating system is based on the one used to grade French high school students. It utilizes a 20-point scale, and reflects only the quality of the wine.

20 points on our 20-point scale, which we would write as 20/20, represents unattainable perfection which no wine will ever achieve.

Wines rated at 13/20 and up are good, while the very rare wines rated at 19/20 and 19.5/20 are extraordinary.

While a 15/20 may look like there is a great deal of room for improvement, that score actually means that the wine is very good, and is in the top ten percent of all wine we taste.

We assume that only about half of all wines produced around the world receive a passing grade of 10/20 or higher, and we do not bother to post scores below that level.
Take note that we do not take price into account while awarding a wine’s rating.

Key to Our Wine Rating System

13-14/20 Good
15-16/20 Very Good
17-18/20 Excellent
19-19.5/20 Extraordinary
20/20 Unattainable Perfection