All About Wine

All about wine

1Top 10 Wine Lists

With so many wines to choose from, it can be nearly impossible to figure out which would be the best for different meals and occasions. To find a wine for any occasion, read GAYOT’s curated lists of Top 10 Wines. They’ll certainly impress even the hardest-to-please oenophile.

Top 10 Barbecue Wines

Top 10 Brunch Wines 

Top 10 Father’s Day Wines

Top 10 Dinner Party Wines

Top 10 Holiday Wines

Top 10 Kosher Wines

Top 10 Mother’s Day Wines

Top 10 Organic Wines

Top 10 Romantic Wines

Top 10 Rosé Wines

Top 10 Seafood Wines

Top 10 Steak Wines

Top 10 Summer Wines

Top 10 Thanksgiving Wines

Top 10 Valentine’s Day Wines

Top 10 Value Wines

Top 10 Wine Bars

Top 10 Wines Under $10 

Top 10 Wines Under $20


3Top 10 Sparkling Wine Lists

GAYOT’s expertly selected top sparkling wines are worth a toast and can add even more sparkle to your next meal or celebration.

Top 10 American Sparkling Wines
Top 10 Sparkling Wines
Top 10 Sweet Sparkling Wines

4More About Wine

Exclusive Interviews

Browse and watch GAYOT’s interviews with some of the top sommeliers, restaurateurs and other movers and shakers in the wine world.

Taste-Tested Wines

Find individually rated wines we have tasted, presented by varietal.

Wine Health Benefits

Find out how wine can prevent heart disease and also slow down the effects of aging.

GAYOT’s Rating Guide

We explain our rating system.

An Intro to Wine

Knowing the finer points about wine can be a complicated matter. For that reason, here’s a quick primer on the basics of wine.

Glossary of Wine Terms

From A to Z, learn the wine terms certainly you need to know.

Guide to Wine Varietals

Learn about the different types of wines with our educational guide to wine varietals.

Wine & Food Pairing

Use our go-to guide for matching foods of all types with exceptional wines.

Wine Gifts & Accessories

GAYOT’s list of the Best Wine Gifts come in a range of prices and can be enjoyed by connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike.


Learn furthermore about your favorite wineries with our comprehensive winery profiles.

Wine Organizations

Peruse our index of winery organizations, from grape growers’ associations to wine trails, representing the multi-varied wine regions of the world.

Wine Shops

We traveled across the country to round up the best places nationwide to buy wine.

Wine Features

From wine tastings and celebrations to the latest trends and health benefits, our numerous articles will certainly help you learn more about the world of fine alcoholic beverages.