Top 10 Bottled Waters

Best Bottled Water to Drink

When it comes to water, quality matters, which is why we set out to find the finest H2O on the market. Sourced from ancient French springs, crisp Nordic aquifers and active Hawaiian volcanoes, GAYOT's list of the Best Bottled Waters include some of the purest, most unique waters in the world.

Naturally high in essential minerals and subjected to minimal human contact, these waters provide a refreshing and replenishing experience. Whether you prefer sparkling or still water, you'll enjoy one-of-a-kind flavor profiles that set this group apart from other bottled brands.

Since taste is an important yet subjective matter, we not only ranked these waters by that criterion, but we also favored water brands that follow the "less is more" approach, thus preserving natural purity.

If all this talk of H20 has you thirsting for more, be sure to check out the Best Enhanced Waters, featuring sips with added nutrients, flavors and health benefits.