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From wine reviews and food pairings to exclusive interviews, GAYOT has everything you need to know about wine

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Wine Education

This section has the tools to help you better appreciate vino by making it less mystifying and more enjoyable.

Health Benefits of Wine

It is only within the past several decades that real scientific evidence has revealed wine’s effects on health.

Exclusive Interviews

GAYOT’s exclusive interviews with the top sommeliers, winemakers and experts in the wine industry.

Bottle Sizes Guide

Traditionally, wine is bottled in ten different sizes, and the names can get rather confusing.

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Wine Pairing

Wine cheese pairing

Pairing Wine with Cheese

Wine and cheese work very well together. While there are certainly no rules to uphold, matching wine and cheese carefully can bring out the...
Wine Pairing Guide

Wine Pairing Guide

If you'd like some rules of thumb to help you sort out the possibilities, here are two that have stood the test of time....

Varietal Descriptions

The king of red wines, Cabernet's reputation was established decades ago by the great estates of Bordeaux, although it has proved distinctive in other regions as well. While sometimes a bit harsh in its youth, it has the ability...


All you ever wanted to know about wine From A to Z, learn the wine terms certainly you need to know. Select a Letter: A B C D E F G H I J L M N O P R S T V W Y A ACETIC --- Vinegary smell caused by an excessive amount of acetic acid, a natural element...