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For more than 50 years, GAYOT has been a trusted guide to The Good Life. Millions of readers turn to GAYOT’s worldwide expert reviews on dining, drinks, hotels, travel, events, cars and more.

Aimed to inspire and inform, GAYOT provides first-hand access to the world’s most exciting places while also highlighting the latest must-have products for every taste and budget.

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André Gayot — who with his friends, Henri Gault and Christian Millau, invented the term “Nouvelle Cuisine” in the early ’70s — had been directing sophisticated travelers to the best restaurants, hotels, shops, sightseeing, and cultural attractions throughout the world since 1969. André passed away on October, 5th, 2019; we are overwhelmed with sadness.

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Written by a team of savvy restaurant critics and food-and-travel experts, GAYOT guidebooks are informative, honest and witty. Above all, they tell it like it is! Since 1981, “The Best Of” guides in English have become the travel bible of an international readership in quest of the best. And since 1995, “Restaurants” guides cover everything there is to know about the food and restaurant scenes of major American cities. GAYOT guidebooks have now been succeeded by a comprehensive website for up-to-date travel and restaurant information, GAYOT.com.

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