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Where's the Beef?

From understanding various beef cuts, cattle types and meat labels to finding useful tips, tools and techniques, get ready to enjoy the perfect piece of steak.

Guide to Seafood

Follow GAYOT's seafood and fish guide for the perfect experience.

Barbecue Guide

Let GAYOT help you have the best BBQ with helpful grilling tips for at-home cookouts as well as the best barbecue restaurants near you.

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Tea guide

Tea Guide

Invigorate your life with an amazing cup of tea. Home of the finest teas from around the world, as well as tea gifts, articles,...
Water guide

Water Guide

All About Water Water is the most common molecule on the Earth's surface, without which life would be impossible. Today, water doesn't just quench our...

BBQ Cookbooks Devoted to Grilling Grilling, like any other kind of cooking, is as much an art form as it is fun to eat and though some may find it intimidating, there's no shortage of grill experts ready to share...
Ordering a meal at unfamiliar restaurants can be a challenging task, especially when the terms are foreign. That's why we've created this guide to Indian food terms, so that you won't make the mistake of ordering über-spicy vindaloo when you really...