United by Chocolate

By Gayot Editors

Did somebody say “chocolate”? How many foods can you name that have an attraction like chocolate? It’s also called “black gold.” Rarely will you encounter someone who does not like chocolate (and maybe you ask yourself what is wrong with this person). All year round, chocolate comes in many, many forms of consumption, for everyday or special occasions.

Chocolatier Goossens Antwerpen

We have partnered with Chocolatier Goossens to bring GAYOT’s readers tips about chocolate and offer deals when purchasing their chocolates. Chocolatier Goossens was established in Antwerp in 1955, and has grown to be one of the most reputable chocolate houses in Belgium. They propose a line of artisan and luxury chocolates. They are all hand-done in the atelier behind the shop — no factory making, no freezing, all fresh.