Artisan Luxury Belgian Chocolates by Chocolatier Goossens

By Sophie Gayot

A World of Luxurious Chocolates

There are 16 different chocolates in a box

Antwerp, Belgium, October 2022

A few months ago, I rediscovered Goossens Chocolates. When indulging in a box of mixed chocolates, memories came back of how addictive these sweet treats are. (But remember chocolate has health benefits).

I wanted to know more about Goossens Chocolates and understand why each bite lingering in my mouth is so intriguing. There was only one way: transport myself to Antwerp, Belgium, where it all happens. I met with maître chocolatier Erik Goossens himself, and spent time in the shop — almost a torture for the chocoholic that I am. So many chocolates in front of me, but there is only so much you can savor to avoid a chocolate coma.

Watch my exclusive video interview with Maître Chocolatier Erik Goossens.

The story was commenced in 1955 by René Goossens, Erik’s father. The motto has always been, and remains, very high-end quality. In order to do so, the Goossens follow many steps. It must start at the source, with the ingredients, carefully selected by Erik. Then it continues with creativity to design unique and specialty chocolates. The final step is the “manufacturing.” I am putting manufacturing in quotes because the actual production is nothing like a factory process. The chocolates are hand-done by skilled artisan chocolatiers in the atelier behind the store.

Every time you will open a box of Goossens Chocolates, I guarantee you it will make you happy. Since you can not eat all of them at once, you will have to lift the lid a few times. I am sure you will look forward, like me, to doing so over and over again as it will bring culinary joy. They are a perfect gift to you and others; they will elevate your spirit — much needed in these current times.

Watch Maître Chocolatier Erik Goossens making chocolates