GAYOT’s 2023 Restaurant Awards

By Sophie Gayot

To All Chefs | Discover GAYOT’s 2023 Restaurant Awards Winners

December 2023

If you cook at home, you know that being a chef is not an easy task. Nowadays, the world moves quickly, almost everything gets put online, from photos to opinions and recommendations. It adds pressure for the chefs to be creative and attract diners to their restaurants.

Like last year in 2022, I experienced the cuisine of some one hundred and fifty chefs either at their restaurants or at events. Some marked my palate more than others. If I remember every single one of them, six earned a special place in my culinary heart.

As you will see below, it does not always have to be an haute-gastronomy restaurant to be taken into consideration.

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Congratulations to the restaurants that made GAYOT’s 2023 Restaurant Awards list!

1. Jean Imbert au Plaza Athénée | Paris, France

Chef: Jean Imbert
GAYOT’s Rating: 17/20

Be prepared to dine as royalty, under a golden ceiling, at the iconic and one-and-only Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris. Read the article.

2. Al Fassia Aguedal | Marrakech, Morocco

Chefs: Saïda & Myra Chab
GAYOT’s Rating: 14/20

Al Fassia Aguedal restaurant is a staple in the Marrakech culinary scene. Find all the flavors of Moroccan cuisine on your plate. Read the article.

3. Restaurant Lalique | Sauternais, France

Chef: Jérôme Schilling
GAYOT’s Rating: 18/20

Imagine yourself dining literally in the middle of the vines that produce the number three best Sauternes wine, surrounded by Lalique glasswork every corner you can turn your eyes to. Read the article.

4. Esther’s Kitchen | Las Vegas, NV

Chef: James Trees
GAYOT’s Rating: 14/20

There is life beyond The Strip in Las Vegas. Head to the Arts District to enjoy chef James Trees’ Italian cuisine. Read the article.

5. Nerano | Beverly Hills, CA

Chef: Michele Lisi
GAYOT’s Rating: 14/20

Nerano, in Beverly Hills, is an Italian hidden-gem restaurant almost invisible along “Little” Santa Monica Boulevard.

6. Latitud 32 | Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico

Chef: Francisco Fernández
GAYOT’s Rating: 14/20

Take your time when dining at Latitud 32 at El Cielo Winery, Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico, to enjoy the food and the scenery. Read the article.