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Celebrate the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024, with a special cocktail, created by Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. Get the recipe for the Eclipse Gimlet and find out where to order it on GAYOT.com.
Beyoncé Cowboy Carter Album
Listen to Beyoncé Cowboy Carter album while sipping on these whiskey cocktails inspired by the title of the album, created by Wyoming Whiskey.
cookie recipe candy pop butterfinger
A fun (and) sugary cookie recipe, made with Candy Pop Popcorn Butterfinger.
Whiskey guide
February 23, 2024
Find the best whiskey, bourbon and rye with the GAYOT Whiskey Guide as well cocktails and food recipes.
Guinness Irish whiskey float Lotte New York Palace
To try at home: the Guinness Irish Whiskey Float Recipe, created at the Golden Room at the Lotte New York Palace.
Best restaurants near you
September 25, 2023
Use GAYOT’s “Best of Lists” to find the best restaurants near you.
Beyonce inspired cocktails
August 1, 2023
Try these Beyoncé inspired cocktails created by the mixologist of VUES Lobby Bar at Omni Atlanta Hotel at CNN Center.
Pina colada recipe
Follow GAYOT’s Piña Colada Recipe, where you’ll find a classic one and an alternative version.