Whiskey Review: 8-Ball Chocolate Whiskey

By Bob Barnes
8-Ball Chocolate Whiskey

By: 8-Ball Chocolate Whiskey
Origin: San Diego, California, USA
Suggested retail price: $30 for 750 ml
ABV: 33%

For those that love chocolate and whiskey, this is a match made in heaven, as the flavors of both combine in every sip. But even those who love only chocolate will find a lot to like, as the chocolate flavor bursts forth and dominates in every sip. Founder/CEO Paul Thomas during his global pursuits discerned that the two most beloved flavors worldwide were chocolate and whiskey, and over the course of two years formulated countless batches of chocolate and whiskey combinations until 8-Ball Premium Chocolate Whiskey was born.

All-natural ingredients sourced from Madagascar, Indonesia and Mexico combine with Kentucky bourbon aged for two years in charred American Oak barrels. The result is a combination of subtle notes of oak, maple and vanilla merged with full-on chocolate flavor. This first American 100% all-natural chocolate-infused bourbon whiskey weighs in at 66 proof and is recommended to be sipped straight or in cocktails such as mudslides or spiked hot cocoa.

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