Savory Lassi Board Recipe

By Padma Lakshmi

DAH! (DAH-EE) merges the time-tested, ancient wisdom of India’s culinary traditions with the precision of modern methods and technologies to produce premium, slow-cultured products high in probiotics in dairy and plant-based offerings. DAH! India-Inspired yogurts are crafted with wholesome ingredients and slow-cultured for flavor, richness & high probiotic content. DAH!’s Lassi is special because it has more probiotics and less sugar than a lot of drinkable yogurts.

Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi has created this healthy snack recipe with Strained DAH! Lassi. It is so easy to make (and so “dahlicious.”


Strained DAH! Lassi BUY NOW! (also available at Sprouts, Whole Foods, Smart & Final)
– olive oil
– sumac
– smoked paprika
– aleppo pepper
– dried apricot
– mint

Easy Party Snack Recipes


In the video above, follow the step-by-step instructions.

• Spread the Lassi all over the board.
• drizzle olive oil all over the Lassi.
• Sprinkle sumac, smoked paprika and aleppo pepper.
• Add dried apricot and mint to the board after sprinkling the spices.

Pair with crackers, shortbread cookies, crispy parmesan and more, get as healthy as you like with the pairings.

You can also use fresh veggies like celery and cucumber, nuts and berries for the perfect holiday board pairing.