Give your glass a sparkle with Champagne bubbles. And remember Champagne only comes from the region of Champagne in France.

The Best of The Best

Tête de Cuvée

There’s good reason that prestige cuvée Champagnes are more expensive than other house offerings.

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The Best Brut Rosé Champagnes

GAYOT’s Best Brut Rosé Champagnes range in price from $50 to $300 to suit a variety of budgets.

Best Champagnes under $100

The Best Champagne Bottles You Can Find For Less Than $100

Best Extra Brut Champagnes

Extra Brut Champagnes are some of the driest sparkling wines.

The Best Demi-Sec Champagnes

Demi-sec Champagnes have between 32 and 50 grams of residual sugar per liter, making them sweeter than bruts.

Best Champagnes under $50

GAYOT's list the best Champagnes for under $50 that represent great value for money.

Sabering Champagne for Christmas

We don't advise you try this at home!

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