Best Value Sparkling Wines

GAYOT’s Best Value Sparkling Wines list highlights great affordable wines

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GAYOT Wine Rating Guide

Wine Rating Guide

GAYOT's Wine Rating System Explanation Our rating system is based on the one used to grade French high school students. It utilizes a 20-point scale,...
Best champagnes under 100 dollars

The Best Celebration Champagnes Under $100

The Best Champagne Bottles You Can Find For Less Than $100 There is a wealth of great Champagne just below the Tête de Cuvée category,...

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Mainstream Food & Drink Brands Infused with Latin Flavors The mainstreaming of international flavors in the United States is nothing new. (You can thank Mesoamerica for chocolate.) Through the years, Latin flavors have made their way into U.S. kitchens thanks...


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