Most Haunted Hotels
in the World

Haunted Hotels Where You Can Stay ... if You Dare

Norman Bates may not be our ideal innkeeper, but we ain't afraid of no ghosts. When it comes to vacation thrills and chills, we say bring on the ghosts, the ghouls and the ghastly goblins. Ideal during Halloween season (or anytime you want to scare up some fun), GAYOT's Most Haunted Hotels in the World guarantee goose bumps at locations ranging from old prisons to former execution grounds.

Phantoms roam the halls late at night, and paranormal investigators are as de rigueur as bellhops and front desk clerks. Gather up your courage and prepare for a supernatural hotel stay that's sure to haunt you long after you've returned home. And if that's not enough for you, try checking into one of the most extreme hotels in the world.