Eat Well and Stay Slim – Review

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Eat Well and Stay Slim: The Essential Cuisine Minceur By Michel Guérard (Francis Lincoln Limited, 2014)           Inventor of Cuisine Minceur and author of the bestselling book of the same name, Michel Guérard has released his second manifesto of diet-friendly recipes in Eat Well and Stay Slim: The Essential Cuisine Minceur, a cookbook as intricate and elegant as the food it seeks to craft. Already a highly lauded chef and early master of the nouvelle cuisine movement, Guérard’s newest cookbook is the sometimes unlikely culinary marriage between intense flavor and healthy eating. Eat Well details recipes of 240 calories or (often) less, with accompanying photographs that entice the eye with rich hues and beautiful plating. While many of the recipes may seem intimidating at first, beginners need not fret. In addition to the detailed instructions and levels of difficulty given alongside each course, the opening two chapters outline the methodology and techniques needed to mimic Guérard’s minimalist creations. From a variety of stock recipes to ingenious reinventions of fats that limit the need for butter and crème fraîche, Eat Well gives new meaning to balanced French cooking. Inventive combinations like sweet red peppers filled with salt cod and potato, or Savoy cabbage soup with duck and whipped truffle cream (both under 200 calories per person), should leave hopeful home chefs salivating just from the pictures. Each of the 140 gastronomical delights — from cold starters through protein-rich entrées and seasonal desserts — are guilt-free works of art, true to Michel Guérard form. Visitors from all over the world flock to southwest France for a trip to Michel Guérard’s luxurious spa resort, Les Prés d’Eugénie. Located in Eugénie-les-Bains, the estate is home to a fine-dining restaurant where guests can sample Guérard’s famed Minceur cuisine.

Reviewed by Rachael Ann Roth

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