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The Mark hotel in New York

The Mark hotel in New York

After a long flight to The Big Apple, who wants the stress of figuring out how to get into the city? Not us. Luckily, The Mark hotel in the Upper East Side of Manhattan is offering the relief we’ve all waited for: airport concierge.

Upon landing, a concierge will meet you at the gate, whisk you through customs and passport control, grab your bags and direct you to the car, which will be sitting curbside. Following a smooth ride to The Mark, you’re practically taken by the hand and led to the comfort of your hotel room.

As if that’s not enough, on your way out of New York the concierge can help you with pre-check in for your flight, preferred seating arrangements and quickly get you through security lines so you can enjoy your pre-boarding time in the airport lounge. Doesn’t sound half-bad, right?

The cost is $400 each way for a party of two. For more information, visit The Mark hotel or call the concierge at 212-606-3129.




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