White Tea

By Gayot Editors

White tea is made from the young leaves and buds of the Camellia sinensis plant. Generally more delicate in flavor than bolder black and oolong teas, white tea is not oxidized and contains high concentrations of gallic acid, theobromine and catechins (antioxidants).

Assam White

White tea grown in the Assam region is rare; it produces a light body and a naturally sweet malty, flavor.

Ceylon White

Much pricier than black tea from the same area, this Sri Lankan tea brews to a golden copper with flavors of honey and pine.

Darjeeling White

The tea leaves used in this brew are unusually fluffy and light; they produce a pale golden liquid with a mellow flavor.

Shou Mei

This tea’s leaves are plucked later, giving it a darker color and a stronger flavor, reminiscent of Oolong.

Silver Needle

The highest grade of white tea, Silver Needle can be recognized by its fleshy, bright-colored leaves, liberally covered by tiny white hairs. Grown almost exclusively in the Fujian Province of China, it has a mild, soothing, lightly sweet taste.

White Peony

The next grade down from Silver Needle, White Peony tea utilizes more leaf and fewer buds. It brews darker, and has a fruitier flavor, than Silver Needle.