Anaqua Grill Marriott Plaza San Antonio Anaqua Grill

Anaqua Grill

Marriott Plaza San Antonio
555 S. Alamo St. (Durango St.)
San Antonio, TX 78205
Cuisine: Contemporary
A revamped menu has done little to reestablish the kitchen’s former preeminence.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily

Anaqua Grill Restaurant Review:

The Anaqua Grill, once in the vanguard of hotel restaurants, now seems caught in a corporate web. Yet the dining room, with its views across a placid pool to manicured lawns and historic cottages shaded by massive pecan trees, is one of the most compelling in town; if only the cuisine complemented the setting. Some appetizers, such as tortilla soup and quesadillas, do tilt toward local tastes, but more substantial fare---grilled NY strip, seared citrus salmon and grilled chicken breast with chipotle cream---could come from anywhere. The bar’s impressive selection of tequilas (with available ceviche, tacos and skewers) might be good enough to pay a visit, however. No, you aren’t having visions as a result: there really are peacocks strutting about on the lawns outside.

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