Bibimbab Main Street Complex Bibimbab
Main Street Complex
43155 Main St., Ste. 300 (Grand River Ave.)
Novi, MI 48375
Cuisine: Korean / Japanese
Bi bim bab is a must-try, one of many authentic dishes on the menu at this spot for Korean cuisine aficionados.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Bibimbab Restaurant Review:

Proprietor Jay Park likes to put the letters W.F. (World Famous) in front of his restaurant’s title. He is not referring to the restaurant itself, but to the Korean dish for which it is named, the hotpot filled with rice, vegetables, meat or seafood topped with a fried egg. It is by far the most elaborate Korean restaurant in the metropolitan area and like most others, it also has a Japanese menu, including a full array of sushi and sashimi as well as tempuras, teriyakis, noodle dishes and even unagi or barbecued eel. The Korean side of the menu is equally extensive. Kalbi and bulgogi are cooked on tabletop grills and include rice and steamed vegetables, tempting little servings of condiments and relishes, notably kimchi. The setting is highly contemporary in bold colors of orange and green. Lunch prices are very reasonable. There's a kids’ menu and tempura ice cream to finish off the meal. Beer, cocktails and wines are available. For four or more on birthdays, there's a free bottle of Champagne.

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