Cafe Munir Rajah Gargour Cafe Munir

Cafe Munir

2408 NW 80th St. (24th Ave. NW)
Seattle, WA 98117
Cuisine: Lebanese
Lebanese food that goes far beyond kebabs served in a casual setting.
Openings: Dinner Tues.-Sun.

Cafe Munir Restaurant Review:

Cafe Munir’s simple décor of white-washed walls with white tablecloths is punctuated with intricate details such as the ornate light fixtures. The food follows a similar mindset, demonstrated by chicken skewers called shish taouk paired with a bright and addictive garlic sauce. The early evening crowd with children might order hummus, best when upgraded with lamb; later, diners enjoy this spot as a quieter experience and dine on elegant vegetable preparations such as eggplant with fresh cheese. On Sundays, the three-course “Chef’s Choice” dinner highlights seasonal ingredients. A parade of small plates and skewers show off straightforward vegetables and the chef’s skill at the grill. The chef’s personal passion for great whiskey drives the cocktail list, which includes a whiskey of the week, while the brief wine lineup mixes local and Lebanese options. Sample the arak, the Lebanese anise-flavored liqueur, in one of the few house-made infused versions.

Chef Gabriel Kreuther

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