Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen Cuttle Fish THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen

Shops at Gainey Village
8777 N. Scottsdale Rd. (Doubletree Ranch Rd.)
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
Cuisine: Seafood / Italian
The Maggiore family gets creative with seafood.
Openings: Dinner nightly


THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen, Scottsdale, AZ

THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen Restaurant Review:

Joey and Cristina Maggiore are the same Maggiores of the Tomaso Maggiore clan that long ruled the Italian restaurant landscape in the Valley. Now, Joey, the son, is dipping his toes into the seafood market with this sparkly Scottsdale showcase of sustainable fish and shellfish, all dolled up with Mediterranean flair. The first statement comes in the décor, a Euro-cheeky landscape with actual Vespas surrounding a raw bar, and clever tile work that resembles water. There’s a lot to take in, actually, from live music to the long wine list (Champagne with oysters is a must). One notable signature is the clam chowder potpie, served in the pot crusted with golden pastry, while another dish of seared scallops and gnocchi gets a boost from tangy apricots. The servers may be relaxed and casual, but they're adept at explaining the standout fish, which might be the Patagonian verlasso salmon that’s farm-raised in the ocean.

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