Hunan Manor Hunan Manor

Hunan Manor

7091 Deepage Dr. (Snowden River Pkwy.)
Columbia, MD 21045
Cuisine: Chinese
The 2,000-gallon saltwater fish tank isn't the only thing to recommend this Chinese restaurant: The food is fresh, the service crisp, and the Mai Tais refreshing.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Hunan Manor Restaurant Review:

If you can take your eyes off the mesmerizing 2,000-gallon saltwater fish tank for long enough to notice, you'll find Hunan Manor filled to capacity almost every night. Multi-generational families spin Lazy Susans at the centers of their tables in search of the choicest morsels. Young love blooms among the college set. Middle-aged friends meet over umbrellaed drinks. It's not that the food is consistently terrific, although some is very good. House-fried noodles and a lackluster Peking duck may disappoint. The best food, by the way, is on the “authentic Chinese menu,” but you need to be able to read Chinese. The allure is more that somehow, despite the place's grandiloquent size, it maintains the warm, come-as-you-are feeling of a family-run restaurant. Also located in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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