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Jung's Shave Ice

1738 S. King St. (Pawaa Ln.)
Honolulu, HI 96814
Cuisine: Shave Ice
A very well-hidden gem with the fluffiest shave ice, the best quality and value in town.
Openings: Open daily


Jung's Shave Ice, Honolulu, HI

Jung's Shave Ice Restaurant Review:

Jung's Shave Ice is a well-hidden gem. Mr. Jung serves some of the fluffiest and hands-down the cheapest shave ice in town. As for flavors, choose from a few exotic tropicals as well as bubble gum, butterscotch and a couple of sugar-free syrups, all of which are poured generously over the ice. Modifications include adding ice cream, a scoop of adzuki beans, tapioca or mochi balls to your shave ice along with a drizzle of condensed milk or chocolate sauce over the top. Perhaps the biggest draw is that you will not encounter lines from the busloads of tourists like some of the competition, so you're free to cool off with your sweet treat in peace.