Ribaudiere La Ribaudiere La Ribaudière
2 Place du Port
16200 Bourg-Charente
+33 (0)5 45 81 30 54
Cuisine: French
La Ribaudière features a contemporary setting for the progressive cuisine of chef Thierry Verrat.
Openings: Lunch Wed.-Sun., Dinner Tues.-Sun.
La Ribaudière, Bourg-Charente, france

La Ribaudière Restaurant Review:

In Bourg-Charente in the heart of the Cognac district, Thierry and Patricia Verrat have established this modern and progressive restaurant. Practically by default it has become the go-to place for VIPs that are in the area visiting the Cognac houses. La Ribaudière encompasses a main dining room, terrace, private salon and a bar that offers its own menu of reasonably priced bistro dishes at lunch. The outdoor seating, and the tables near the floor-to-ceiling windows, present views of the pastoral countryside and the Charente River, which was a bathing spot of the beloved King Francois I. Inside, touches of whimsy are added to the mostly white décor via colorful glassware and a chime decoration made from kitchen utensils. From appetizers to desserts, chef Thierry Verrat orchestrates an avant-garde symphony that is music to our ears. He presents several multi-course menus as well as à la carte dishes, and his culinary inspiration comes from both near and far. Early on in the meal, a diner might encounter blue lobster dusted with powder made from Menton lemons, served alongside a vegetable spring roll adorned with edible flowers. Later options might include turbot sourced from the fishing port of La Cotinière or veal chop for two. The delicate desserts are works of art on the plate. Take note of the house labels on the comprehensive wine list, and consider concluding your meal by sipping the namesake spirit of the region. Service is reminiscent of the grandes maisons.

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