Marrakech The Park Financial Center Marrakech


The Park Financial Center
3900 Paradise Rd. (Twain Ave. & Flamingo Rd.)
Las Vegas, NV 89169
Cuisine: Moroccan
Marrakech's lively dining experience is fun for the whole family and for groups celebrating any occasion.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Marrakech, Las Vegas, NV

Marrakech Restaurant Review:

To escape the heat as they traveled the North African desert, Moroccans would put up high-ceilinged tents, illuminate them with spectacular pierced bronzed lanterns and cover the floor and walls with rich carpets. Marrakech has re-created the exotic décor of the desert wanderers, providing a romantic ambience, complete with comfortable booths for dining on traditional Moroccan food. Marrakech’s prix-fixe dinner, served with crusty homemade Moroccan bread, begins with shrimp scampi, harira (lentil) soup and a salad of hummus and assorted vegetables. Next are beef shish kebabs, served flaming on spears impaled on a pineapple, and a royal Moroccan couscous platter with djaj (chicken) and assorted vegetables including butternut squash. B'stilla, a light and flaky Moroccan pastry stuffed with bananas, nuts and chocolate, accompanied by Moroccan mint tea, completes the feast. During the evening, belly dancers perform and encourage guests to get up and join them.

Chef Gabriel Kreuther

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