Bo Loong Bo Loong

Bo Loong Menu

3922 St. Clair Ave. (E. 39th St.)
Cleveland, OH 44114
Cuisine: Chinese / Dim Sum
One of Cleveland’s best-known Chinese restaurants, Bo Loong is committed to crafting flavorful meals.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Bo Loong Restaurant Review:

Bo Loong is one of Cleveland's better dim sum eateries, having served the city since 1986. It’s also well known for its late-night grub that fills hungry diners venturing home from the bars and clubs just a few blocks away. The restaurant has a friendly staff and lots of vegetarian options, but the dim sum truly is what we favor (unless it’s late night, then anything goes). Dim sum to try: foon chow and nor my guy. Other menu highlights include shrimp won ton soup, Szechuan pork, and beef with vegetables. If you don’t know what to order, ask the server for guidance --- waitstaff is versed in what’s good. Bo Loong also delivers to local businesses and hotels in the area and has an online ordering option for take-out.

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