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5037 Connecticut Ave. NW (Nebraska Ave. NW)
Washington, DC 20008
Cuisine: American / Pizza
Pizza lovers will find a funky, casual atmosphere and far-out pies.
Openings: Lunch Sat.-Sun., Dinner nightly


Comet Ping Pong, Washington, DC

Comet Ping Pong Restaurant Review:

A stepsister to adjacent Buck’s Fishing & Camping restaurant, the Comet in its come-as-you-are attitude specializes in dreamy designer pizzas---actually, pizzas that are amazingly offbeat and even a bit edgy, like the Softie signature pie with soft-shell crabs and melted leeks or the Slam, a white pizza with fresh arugula and bresaola. And if you know anything about local sausage whiz Stan Feder, there’s even a Stanley pie made with his artisanal Italian fennel sausages. The funky pies are complemented by standout salads with fresh, fresh greens and an assortment of brews, wines and Dr. Brown’s sodas. Desserts feature local organic ice cream, homemade cookies, and gooey sundaes.

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