Mama Ayesha Mama Ayesha's

Mama Ayesha's Menu

1967 Calvert St. NW (Connecticut Ave. NW)
Washington, DC 20009
Cuisine: Lebanese
Lebanese fare in a family-friendly setting.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Mama Ayesha's Restaurant Review:

Looking as mysterious as a sultan's den, this Calvert Street restaurant resonates with exotic music and laughter. The latter emanates from the families and large groups gathered around the tables. Despite all the bazaar-like charm, the food does not measure up, and the service, although friendly, moves at a snail's pace. Most of the dishes mirror what other area Middle Eastern restaurants serve, but the appetizer hummus with meat stands out. The lamb kebab is predictable, although the meat cubes are both large and tender. Heftier dishes include a baked lamb shank and broiled chicken. Vegetarians will find plenty of fuel---stuffed grape leaves, couscous or yellow squash. Still hungry? Conclude with sweet Arabian coffee and flaky baklava.

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