Peggy Sue Barbecue Snider Plaza Peggy Sue BBQ

Peggy Sue BBQ

Snider Plaza
6600 Snider Plz. (Daniel Ave.)
Dallas, TX 75205
Cuisine: Barbecue
A Park Cities staple for good barbecue, friendly service and fried pies in a nostalgic setting.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Peggy Sue BBQ Restaurant Review:

Development of Snider Plaza began in 1927, and judging from the photos tacked to the walls, you'd think Peggy Sue BBQ had been around since the Plaza's inception. Alas, it's just a very well done retro decorating scheme depicting the fabulous life of the fictional Peggy Sue. Most interesting are the old photos of the area showcasing the early construction of SMU and the Park Cities. As for the 'cue, it's pretty good --- the brisket and pulled pork aren’t quite on par with some of the city’s best, but the sausage and the baby-back ribs won’t disappoint, especially when smothered in some of the tangy-sweet barbecue sauce. Buttermilk-battered fried chicken tenders served with gravy aren't bad either. We also recommend the vegetables, especially the spinach or the cheesy squash casserole. Just be sure to leave room for one of the fried pies; you can’t go wrong with apricot or chocolate.

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