Salad Shoppe Salad Shop Salad Shoppe
1138 S. Main St.
Salinas, CA 93901
Cuisine: Salads / Soup / Sandwiches
Enjoy your five-a-day vegetables at Salad Shoppe.
Open Lunch Mon.-Sat., Dinner Mon.-Fri.


Salad Shoppe, Salinas, CA

Salad Shoppe Restaurant Review:

Salinas is known as the “Salad Bowl of the World,” and no lunch or dinner spot lives up to that nickname as well as the Salad Shoppe. Grab a tray, plate and cutlery and then cruise down the 25-feet-or-so-long salad bar. Three choices of greens (spinach, mixed greens and lettuce, usually) are followed by house-made goodies such as bow tie pasta and tuna, Asian noodles and potato salads, then more than 60 ingredients from sweet beets cooked up with a little sugar and spice and chilled, to chopped fresh vegetables. Finish up with house-made dressings, sunflower seeds, real bacon bits or croutons, and then check out for around $10. Soft-serve ice cream comes with each meal, and you can add house-made soup, containers of shrimp or chicken or a beverage for just a bit more. Pre-made salads and wraps make the process even speedier. Eating light, fresh and local never tasted so good.

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