Summer Kitchen and Bakeshop Bake Shop Paul Arenstam Summer Kitchen & Bakeshop

Summer Kitchen & Bakeshop

2944 College Ave. (Ashby Ave.)
Berkeley, CA 94705
Cuisine: California / Pizza / Bakery
Inviting neighborhood wellspring of lunch, dinner and take-away choices for the sophisticated palate.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily

Summer Kitchen & Bakeshop Restaurant Review:

Summer Kitchen is the environmentally responsible heart of the Elmwood, sourcing local and seasonal ingredients to offer up fresh salads, soups, sandwiches, pizza, specials and baked goods every day. Lovebirds tuck into the windows to share classic margherita or fennel-tomato pizza with house-made sausage and fennel pollen. At the community tables, families enjoy indoor picnics replete with crispy chicken tenders, turkey with cranberry marmalade sandwiches and fresh lime-mojito fruit sodas. Singles sit together and compare notes on their sophisticated crunchy and leafy salads or choose the counter stools with a view of expert kitchen choreography. If you've come for a dinner of spelt pasta with spring vegetables and basil purée or braised pork shoulder with polenta and salsa verde, leave room for a bright lemon tart adorned with tiny toasted meringue clouds. Cool beverage choices only, including beer and wine.

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