Tantra Tantra
1445 Pennsylvania Ave. (Espanola Way)
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Cuisine: Contemporary / Eclectic
This veteran South Beach resto-lounge, though more nightclub than serious restaurant, still draws tourists with its “aphrodisiac food”.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Tantra Restaurant Review:

Tantra is named after an aspect of Hindu philosophy pertaining to sacred sexuality and outlining the many exercises with which a couple together can reach higher planes of divine consciousness. In other words, this is a South Beach theme restaurant. Unfortunately, this resto-lounge’s execution of that theme has always resulted in a sensual nightclub ambience at the expense of a sensual dining experience; heavy incense makes it hard to smell what’s on one’s plate, and loud DJ’d music makes intimate dinner conversation near impossible. Still, the place has always nabbed notable names to helm its kitchen, currently Sandee Birdsong of “Top Chef” fame, who sometimes turns out seasonal specials (such as goat cheese flan with lemon zest and fresh blackberries) worth watching for. Mainly the menu consists of lavish Tantra classics (a layered lobster-mango-avocado napoleon with truffle vinaigrette; a stone crab salad-topped waffle garnished with caviar) based on luxe, allegedly aphrodisiac ingredients---so don’t expect the typical budget-priced bar bite. Tantra does have a seriously fine wine selection, though mark-ups are high even by Sobe standards. But whether or not you choose to dine here, Tantra remains one of the most fun spots in town to take visitors, especially on its perennially packed Monday club nights.