Teds Montana Grill Ted Ted's Montana Grill

Ted's Montana Grill

105 Ellington Blvd.
Gaithersburg, MD 20878
Cuisine: American / Burgers / Steakhouse
Fetching, solidly American eats that star a native American: bison.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily
Ted's Montana Grill, Gaithersburg, MD

Ted's Montana Grill Restaurant Review:

It may surprise some patrons that a major focus of Ted's Montana Grill, with various locations nationwide, is to preserve from extinction the American bison, once fiercely hunted in the West. Today, the restaurant showcases the tender, lean meat from ranch-raised bison herds, teaching the eating public about the value of this animal. And the kitchen goes to great lengths to tempt diners with an extensive array of bison-centric dishes, from the must-have bison nachos comprised of bison chili to a bison-based meatloaf, bison pot roast and bison short ribs. At lunchtime, bison burgers are a great choice, and the kitchen has come up with more than a dozen variations on the burger theme. Non-bison options make the menu, too, from seafood and chicken to roast turkey. Dessert selections are limited, but if it’s featured, try the wildberry cheesecake. Choose from a comprehensive beer, cocktail and wine menu plus adult milkshakes.

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