Most Romantic Destinations in the World

By Gayot Editors

Find Romance at These Unforgettable Locales

Searching for the perfect place to woo your significant other? GAYOT’s list of the Most Romantic Destinations in the World is ideal for amorous adventurers, whether you’re looking for a sweetheart honeymoon or exciting couple’s escape.

From the picturesque beaches of Mexico’s Riviera Maya to the Old World charm of Québec City, Canada, these breathtaking vacation spots are sure to kindle the flames of love. Grab your partner and get ready to have the time of your life.

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1. Anguilla


Fortunate to be spared by the bright lights, casinos and congestion that hamper other Caribbean islands, Anguilla is a great place for a secluded escape. With a total land area of just 35 square miles, it’s one of the smaller inhabited islands in the region; however, there is no shortage of fun attractions. Take some time to explore the 12 miles of coastline and 33 pristine white-sand beaches where you’re sure to find a private enclave.

Day sailing and snorkeling trips are available for adventurous couples, but be sure to pamper yourself at one of Anguilla’s luxurious spas after a long day at sea. Beach bars are popular spots for rum punch and sand-mashing (dancing) any time of day, while a wealth of elegant restaurants and casual-chic bars are ideal for romantic, island-style dinner dates once the sun goes down.

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2. Aspen

A playground for the rich and fabulous, Aspen offers more than just good celebrity spotting. Yes, this is a star-studded skier’s paradise, but it’s also a year-round romantic destination with its stunning scenery, top-notch hiking, superb accommodations and busy nightlife. Whether you choose to curl up in your lodge in front of a roaring fire, book a spa day or head outdoors, it’s all here in Aspen.

Fifteen miles southwest of Aspen lies the Maroon Bells, two peaks in the Elk Mountains. They are a must-see while in Colorado. They feature a lake, alpine meadows and limited vehicle access. Hike the trails, breathe in the mountain air and take in the beautiful sights.

In the summer, go fly fishing. In the winter, hop on a snowmobile and explore the terrain of White River National Forest.

If you happen to be there in June, enjoy a weekend filled with cooking demonstrations and wine tastings at Food & Wine Classic in Aspen.

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3. Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Turquoise lagoon waters, lush mountains and miles of quiet, pristine beaches make Bora Bora a picture-perfect destination. True romance here means an overwater bungalow — a thatched-roof hideaway offering all the amenities and services of a first-class resort. Take a romantic cruise around the islands, enjoy myriad water sports and be sure to indulge in a Polynesian-style couples spa treatment featuring flower baths, body wraps with banana leaves and fresh fruit masks.

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4. Catalina Island

Catalina Island
Although it’s only 22 miles off the Southern California coast, Catalina Island feels hundreds of miles away from the mainland. Upon boarding the Catalina Express, the hustle and bustle of daily life slips from sight as you sail away to a piece of paradise in the Pacific Ocean. Avalon is the pulse of the island, with an array of attractions for couples to enjoy, from the Romance Promenade at the Casino to exhilarating zip line tours.

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5. Chachapoyas


Tucked away in the Andean foothills of Northeast Peru, Chachapoyas has long been overshadowed by hot spots like Machu Picchu. But that just means you’ll have the magical place all to yourself. The former colonial settlement is now a little market town shrouded in clouds. The area is just dripping with beauty; the rainforest is rich with colorful bromeliads and ferns, and dotted with pristine waterfalls.

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6. Kauai

Kauai is perfect for lovebirds, whether you’re about to tie the knot, want to renew your vows or simply are in the mood for love. The “Garden Isle,” as it is known, will exceed your every expectation in terms of seclusion, romance and luxuriant surroundings of both the natural and man-made varieties. Blessed with an abundance of natural splendor, Kauai boasts beautiful beaches, stunning sunsets, outrageously colored tropical flowers, and dramatic cliffs and canyons. What are you two waiting for?

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7. Québec City

Québec City

Experience Old World charm in North America with a visit to Québec City, Canada. The area has fervently preserved its French culture and language, so it’s no surprise that amour seems to permeate the air.

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8. Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya
Once home to small fishing villages, the Riviera Maya has flourished into a hot destination spot filled with luxury resorts, fine dining, vibrant nightlife and calming spa retreats. It’s no wonder why this coastal region in Mexico is such a sexy getaway for couples. Stroll along the beautiful beaches at sunset, or for a bit of adventure, go snorkeling or scuba diving in the crystal-clear waters of the Riviera Maya. To get in touch with the history of the region, venture out and visit Mayan ruins at Tulum or explore the surrounding villages that still adhere to native traditions.

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9. Split

Split, Croatia

Croatia’s historic, seaside city of Split lies on the Adriatic Coast, a picturesque region of ancient Roman ruins, vibrant beaches and charming eateries. Remnants of the city’s past as a property of Rome, France, Venetia, Austria, Italy and Yugoslavia remain as UNESCO heritage sites, from the Grgur Ninski Statue to the Cathedral and Bell Tower of St. Domnius. Bask in the sun while strolling along the seaside promenade, where couples may stop for drinks at one of many cafés, or where, at night, parades may pass. One thing is certain, it’s a charming city wherever you go.

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10. Venice

Venice, Italy
Italy is bursting with romantic and historic sites, but Venice is the kind of city everyone should take the time to visit once in their lifetime. La Bella Venezia and romance go hand in hand. The ancient port city in the northeast of Italy is replete with charming canals, magical bridges and centuries-old buildings, and is guaranteed to make your hearts beat just a little quicker as you take in its ancient beauty.

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