The Best Kombuchas

Bubbly Health Elixirs

By Mar Yvette

What is kombucha? Even though this drink – which originated in China – has been around for centuries, it's only in the past several years that this bubbly beverage has really taken off. As we become more health-conscious, we're learning of this fermented tea's natural health benefits, including probiotics (essential for good digestion), low sugar, healthy acids and energy-boosting properties. And because it's naturally carbonated, it feels like you're drinking soda except that this tangy-sweet elixir is actually good for you.

Here at GAYOT, we taste-tested many brands (there seems to be a new one popping up every week) to help you find the best kombuchas on the market with great taste and low glycemic levels that don't surpass 10 grams per bottle. Bottoms up!

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