A New Way to Fly from Coast to Coast in America

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[youtube id=”nwlWgQ2AC54″]   by Sophie Gayot

There is a new “frontier” when crossing America from coast to coast. Long gone are the days of traveling by feet, horses and the wagons of the courageous pioneers (hey, without them we would not be here). For many, many years now we’ve had airplanes. But how to decide on an airline? The price, the mileage program, the credit card points, the safety, the service, the schedule, the airport, the onboard amenities, the extras you have to pay? The choices are vast.

Watch my exclusive video interview above with captain John Lohmar, American Airlines Airbus A320 Fleet Training Manager, and purser Heidi Gunderson talking about the brand new Airbus A321 that American Airlines acquired last month. They will explain precisely what you can expect on board. It should help you decide how to fly between New York-JFK and Los Angeles-LAX (starting January 7, 2014) and New York-JFK and San Francisco-SFO (starting March 6, 2014).   American Airlines is back to being the #1 airline in the world and wants to keep it that way. With that new A321 they are going to offer a three-class cabin for transcontinental flights: first class (10 seats), business class (20 seats), and main cabin (36 seats) with one section “main cabin extra” that has six more inches of legroom (36 seats). First class and business class have fully lie-flat seats (I have lain down on one of them, and yes, it becomes a real 180-degree bed) with aisle access, and a new revamped menu.   An important trick when you book your flight: look for “32B” listed as the aircraft type.   Have a nice flight! Related Content: Top 10 Business Class Airlines on GAYOT.com More American Airlines news Aviation Features, News and Reviews More Travel News  

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