Best Escargots in Los Angeles

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Chef Alex Reznik from Ivan Kane's Café Wa s in Hollywood

Chef Alex Reznik from Ivan Kane's Café Wa s in Hollywood

By Sophie Gayot  

When dining at Ivan Kane’s Café Wa s, there is little chance that you will actually find the chef at the piano—though in the French culinary world “piano” is a nickname for gas range.


Last night I discovered chef Alex Reznik’s escargots for the first time. I have to admit they were the best I had tasted in a long time. The secret is the sauce, which is not the usual butter and garlic combination. Reznik has created a butter, lemon confit, capers and garlic confit mixture, which has a very distinctive taste. I discussed the recipe with him and figured out that the easiest way to taste it again would be to just come back to the restaurant.


I also tried his very good chicken liver pâté, served in a mason jar (which is worth taking home). Other items on the menu from last night were frogs’ legs lollipops, tea-smoked hamachi wrapped in aged prosciutto, foie gras Rockefeller oysters, risotto croquettes, Maine lobster rolls, jumbo scallops seasoned with a six-spice hollandaise, short ribs with oxtail ragù in a Pinot wine jus, and an elegant cheese plate. Last but not least was a delicious hazelnut-amaretto soufflé.


Please note that the restaurant serves a full menu until 1 a.m. nightly, and there is different live entertainment every night.

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