Best Rosé Wines

By Amy Reiley

The Best Rosé Wines to Sip & Drink

Almost nothing is more refreshing than an icy cold glass of rosé. A style of wine enjoyed by both white and red wine drinkers, rosé is the thing to drink when the weather is warm. That said, the growing popularity of this pink drink proves you can #roseallday any time of year.

Rosé is produced when red wine grapes are prevented from having extended skin contact. It’s the skin contact that gives reds their tannic structure and robust flavors. Without that extra contact, the resulting wines tend to be fresh and clean with color ranging from a faint blush to a robust ruby. At one time, rosés were most popular in the Mediterranean, but today rosés are made around the world.

Find the Top Rosé Wines with GAYOT’s taste-tested selection that includes both incredibly affordable and more splurge-worthy finds.

1. Domaine Tempier Rosé

Domaine Tempier rosé

Origin: Bandol, France
Rating: 16/20
Price: $43

If you only ever taste one rosé in your life, you should consider making it this one from Domaine Tempier. Rosés from the Bandol region are special and this is among the best of the best. The wine has far more intensity than its pretty pink color would lead you to believe. A beautifully balanced wine, it offers aromas and flavors of peach and citrus with hints of pomegranate and spice.

> For more information, visit the Domaine Tempier official website.

2. Domaines Ott Clos Mireille Rosé

Domaines Ott Clos Mireille rosé

Origin: Côtes de Provence, France
Rating: 15/20
Price: $45

This wine is quintessential Côtes de Provence. It’s a blend of Grenache with Cinsault and Syrah. Its finest feature is a silky texture that feels like satin on the tongue. But its flavors never disappoint with tart notes of citrus combined with juicy melon, hints of red berries and minerality on the finish.

> For more information, visit the Domaines Ott official website.

3. Château de Berne Inspiration 2018

Château de Berne Inspiration 2018

Origin: Côtes de Provence, France
Rating: 14/20
Price: $19.99

The true colors of Provençal rosés are captured in this bottle. On the nose, it is floral and clean, with fresh berries first then fresh herbs and flowers with a dry finish. With a harmony of bright acidity, rich texture and dry finish is a perfect choice for pairing with roasted chicken or grilled lobster.

> For more information, visit the Château de Berne official website.

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4. Valentini Cerasuolo Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Valentini Cerasuolo Montepulciano Dabruzzo

Origin: Italy
Rating: 15/20
Price: $55

Unlike many of the rosés we know and love, this is a wine that’s meant to be aged. One of the pricier wines on our list, this is not one to sipped by the pool but a wine that will knock people’s socks off at a special dinner. Complex and intense, it offers layers of raspberries, black currants, roasted nuts and spice.

> For more information, visit the Valentini official website.

5. The Larsen Projekt Grenache Rosé

The larsen Projekt grenache rosé

Origin: California
Rating: 14/20
Price: $18

This is a lovely, carefree rosé wine that’s good for both afternoon drinking and pairing with a meal. It offers hints of freshly cut grass, citrus and strawberries on the nose. It is crisp and clean in the mouth with restrained white peach and fresh strawberry flavors and a saline note on the finish that makes your tongue say, “more!”

> For more information, visit the The Larsen Projekt official website.

6. Triennes Rosé

Triennes rosé

Origin: France
Rating: 14/20
Price: $15

This rosé may be the best buy on our list. Rarely do you find a wine with such balance and elegance for under $20. It’s a blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Merlot. On the nose there are pretty notes of white flowers in summer. Its flavors are of strawberry, vanilla and a hint of lemon curd.

> For more information, visit the Triennes official website.

7. Antica Terra Angelicall

Antica Terra Angelicall

Origin: Oregon, U.S.A.
Rating: 14/20
Price: $90

This wine is made in an experimental method with surprisingly delicious results. The skins are macerated in the juice for about a week before the juice is filtered out, then it ages for a year before bottling. The result is a unique wine with intense red cherry and rhubarb flavor with an underlying hint of something masculine, spicy and mysterious.

> For more information, visit the Antica Terra official website.

8. Susana Balbo Signature Rosé

Susana Balbo Signature Rosé

Origin: Argentina
Rating: 14/20
Price: $20

Made from a combination of Malbec and Pinot Noir, this wine definitely stands out in the crowd. It has wonderful freshness and acidity. Its nose offers lovely, delicate floral and red fruit notes. In the mouth, this rosé offers strawberries, red cherries and minerality with a finish that lingers pleasingly long.

> For more information, visit the Susana Balbo Wines official website.

9. Bodvár No. 7 – House of Rosés

Bodvar Rosé No7

Origin: Côtes de Provence, France
Rating: 14/20
Price: $22

The Bodvár No. 7 is an elegant rosé that displays delicate scents of light raspberry, subtle orange blossom and lean melon, all backed by tantalizing crisp citrus notes on the palate. This cuvée delivers springtime freshness and is a great way to start your summer! This is a wine that pairs well with salads, chicken, seafood and risotto dishes.

> For more information, visit the Bodvár – House of Rosés official w

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10. Lazy Creek Vineyard Rosé of Pinot Noir

Lazy Creek Vineyard rosé of pinot noir

Origin: California, U.S.A.
Rating: 14/20
Price: $19

As its name implies, this wine is made from 100% Anderson Valley Pinot Noir. There’s a delicacy to the aroma and flavors, which include fresh strawberries, honeysuckle, watermelon and tangerine acidity. It is a very pretty style of rosé that lingers long and leaves a lasting impression.

> For more information, visit the Lazy Creek Vineyards official website.