Seafood Guide

When it comes to seafood, the countless options and sometimes contradictory news can create a fishbowl of uncertainty.

Thankfully, GAYOT’s Seafood and Fish Guide will help you sort it all out.

From understanding the basics of sustainable seafood and safety to finding useful tips and recommendations, get ready to enjoy the freshest catch.


Top Wines to Drink with Seafood
Pairing Wine with Oysters
Pairing Wine with Seafood
Pairing Wine with Sushi


All About Caviar
All About Oysters, including how to open them (video)
Hawaiian Fish Guide


Guide to Sustainable Seafood
The Risks of Mercury in Fish


Best Seafood Restaurants Near You
Best Seafood Restaurants Across the U.S.
Best Sushi Restaurants Near You
Maine Lobster Extravaganza, Heroic Italian, Santa Monica, CA