Ginger and Lime Marinated Raw Shrimps

By Chef Michèle La Porta

A very easy marinated raw shrimps recipe

This is a light, sensuous and delicious dish — and it would make a great starter for a romantic meal at home.

Serves 2

– 8 large raw sweet shrimps
– olive oil
– salt
– black pepper
– 2 limes
– 1 tbsp. rice sushi vinegar
– fresh ginger
– coriander
– mint
– dill
– raspberries

• Prepare at least 6 hours before serving.
• Peel, wash and dry the shrimps.
• Cut them in half lengthwise.
• Set the shrimps on a dish.
• Sprinkle with the olive oil, salt and pepper.
• In a bowl, mix the juice of one lime with the rice sushi vinegar.
• Slowly pour over the shrimps.
• Grate ginger over.
• Wrap the dish in plastic wrap.
• Set in the fridge for 6 hours.
• Display the shrimp on 2 plates.
• Add some more pepper, and the zest of the second lime.
• Add some more olive oil.
• Cut the coriander, mint and dill over the plates.
• Finish with the raspberries on top.

> Michèle’s tip: The shrimps are raw but they are “cooked” by the citrus and the vinegar. The very fragrant shrimps will pair very well with the acidity of the raspberries.