A Turnaround at BondSt Beverly Hills

By admin
Chef Brian Redzikowski with his sous chefs

Chef Brian Redzikowski (middle) with his sous chefs

By Sophie Gayot  

After two very unpleasant dinners foodwise, I decided to give BondSt Beverly Hills another chance. The result was a definite gourmet treat.


The décor and the service were unchanged, but right after the first course, it was obvious that there was somebody new in the kitchen; someone talented, very talented.


Young chef Brian Redzikowski, who hails from Le Cirque, Alain Ducasse, Nobu and Robuchon, has infused his talent and expertise to the place. He has completely turned around the cuisine, and serves smart and elegant dishes, (see pictures below).


Whoever found Redzikowski and trusted him to become a chef with his own kitchen should be proud of this discovery.

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