Dingač Vinarija 2008 Postup – Wine of the Week Review

Dingač Vinarija 2008 Postup
Dingač Vinarija 2008 Postup

Price: $28

Rating: 14/20

Region: Southern Dalmatia, Croatia

Varietal: 100 percent Plavac Mali

Alcohol: 14.5 percent

Tasting Notes: Like its cousin Zinfandel, the Plavac Mali varietal makes bold red wines characterized by black fruit flavors and high alcohol content. The Dingač Vinarija 2008 Postup is a bright, intense wine showing firm tannins and complex mineral notes.

Food Pairings: Olives, anchovies, meaty stews

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For more information, visit www.bluedanubewine.com/winery/dingac


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