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Ferrari F430 engine

Ferrari F430 engine

A Day in the Life of a Ferrari Rally by Alain Gayot  
Once upon a time we had a chance to participate in a Ferrari Rally, which is one of the many events that the prestigious Italian manufacturer of GT cars gets involved in.  
The mostly red cars with the prancing horse have crossed deserts and ascended mountain passes in all sorts of conditions over time to demonstrate the capabilities of the automobiles beyond racetracks. Their lead in wins at the FIA Formula 1 World Championship is a testament to their performance and endurance, and a billboard for sales.  
Classic Ferraris are not only gorgeous to look at, but they fetch astronomical prices at auctions. Yes, owning a Ferrari is an investment and like all investments, some go bad and others do well. Certainly, as a Ferrari owner, a pride takes over and you become a participant in a deep cult, wearing its colors in more ways than one.
Ferrari stores are popping up all over so that you may participate in the lifestyle and dream of future ownership. A T-shirt, a hat (maybe), a key-chain (no wait), a set of luggage or a watch… all of these items are available.  
Fans will head to famous racetracks to encourage their favorite team. Owners of F430s can partake in racing with the Challenge program or you can race virtually online (better for the environment). There is an Owners Club which organizes meets and events.  
The passion really shows when teams show up at a rally with a vintage car or a modern option, all dressed up in Ferrari fashion, down to the polish on the fingernails…and bring their competitive spirit. Some participate just for the heck of it, having their cars trucked around the country, sharing stories with others. Some people participate with their daily drivers. Some participants have only ever owned Ferraris. Of course, you have to be there to feel the full force of the prancing horse. 
 Within the current models, the 458 Italia is a futuristic classic, the California is a stylish convertible, the 599 GTB Fiorano is a performer and the 612 Scalietti is a powerful 2+2, and there are other quasi stealth programs with the FXX. One way or another, Ferrari exudes style like no other automobile manufacturer.   
Ferrari Club of America Ferrari Challenge   
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