Did You Say Mussels?

By admin
[youtube id=”bqB57sMnCrk”] by Sophie Gayot I had to fly to Paris to discover a French restaurant in downtown Culver City, California! How did that happen? On the plane, I happened to be sitting next to the father of Cécile Cornic, who with her husband Sébastien, owns Meet Restaurant. He told me how successful it was, and how Sébastien wanted to open more places, so I dined there upon my return to Los Angeles. I finally understood what Cécile’s father was saying about the bistro. In LA, you cannot just open another restaurant because the first location is successful; you have to have a concept. And there definitely is one here: mussels! At many restaurants that serve mussels, you’re lucky if there is more than one preparation available. Here there are twelve! As I tried eight of them, I can testify that they all taste different, so you keep coming back to try them. Watch my exclusive video interview with Sébastien Cornic to learn more about his bistro, and read my review of Meet Restaurant in our restaurant section. If you can’t get enough of them, all-you-can-eat mussels are offered on Wednesdays for only $23.95. (For those not fond of the bivalves, the Cornics also have other classic French bistro dishes on the menu.) Meet Restaurant is one of GAYOT.com Top 10 Bistros in Los Angeles. Read the list to see what other places are among the Top 10 bistros in Los Angeles Area. You can click on each photo to enlarge to see dishes from Meet restaurant menu. All photos by Sophie Gayot. Meet Restaurant on Urbanspoon