SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills Offers Itself its Own Present for its Second Anniversary

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[youtube id=”2ppX_a4mlGQ”] by Sophie Gayot  
Two years ago, Sam Nazarian set the new standard in the hotel world when he opened SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills. There was a Superb Luxurious Soirée* where Dom Pérignon was the drink of the evening for over a thousand guests who also enjoyed José Andrés’ tapas. Right after its opening, the hotel made our 2008 Top 10 New U.S. Hotels, and we named The Bazaar by José Andrés to our 2010 Top 10 Best New Restaurants in the U.S. Considering the huge success of both venues, it seems that these picks were judicious. 
Last night, in celebration of the two-year anniversary, there was a more intimate party where the hotel’s general manager Philip Dailey introduced the new concept gift shop, “Regalo.” The “shop without walls,” as he likes to call it, includes objects from only four luxury brands: Assouline, Baccarat, D.L.& C and Kiki de Montparnasse. In the exclusive video interview you can watch above, Dailey explains more about the shop located within The Bazaar whose name is Spanish for ‘gift.’
While we have enjoyed the energy, food and drinks of SLS for the past two years, the East Coast is about to enjoy the second SLS Hotel, to be located in Miami at the site of the iconic Ritz Plaza South Beach. It is scheduled to open in Spring 2012.
  * Ever wonder what SLS means? It officially means Style Luxury Service, but you can use your imagination and make it what you want.
You can get a photo tour of SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills in GAYOT’s blog.